Article #1175: nixieclock 1.64

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Article #1175: nixieclock 1.64

Created at 18:10 Apr 10, 2012 by greg.ercolano

A new release of the cross platform desktop Nixie tube clock, supporting Mac, Windows, Linux, and yes, still supports Irix!

Binaries for all 4 platforms are available on the clock's web site:

This version includes:

   o The "-c <epoch>" countdown flag, which had somehow regressed out.
     This is useful for make the clock into a countdown timer
     (ie. count down the hours:mins:secs to epoch)
     Man page, HTML, and online help updated to include examples.

   o The -N flag, to disable updating the ~/.nixieclock file
     when playing around with command line arguments, to avoid
     overwriting your normal clock settings/position. Docs updated.

   o Right-click menu to let one change the time format via the GUI,
     with some new time formats

   o Small fixes from Mr. Tembry to support mingw

   o Examples on how to use the TZ variable to allow the clock to
     show times in different time zones. (This works across all
     platforms including windows) See the ENVIRONMENT section in
     the manpage + HTML docs for Unix and Windows examples.

   o Tar file includes version number in the extracted dir name.
     (It used to just extract as ./nixieclock/*,
     now it extracts as ./nixieclock-#.##/*

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