Article #1107: dillo 3.0

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Article #1107: dillo 3.0

Created at 12:35 Sep 09, 2011 by

Changes: Dillo3 has shifted its toolkit library from fltk2 to the fltk 1.3 series. The experimental status of fltk2 had kept Dillo2 out of a number of distributions. Dillo3 is the current stable branch. In the porting process, several improvements were made and many bugs fixed. The user interface was rewritten, and the internals simplified. Highlights: native build on OS X, on-the-fly panel resize, multiple search engines, faster rendering, and CSS adjacent sibling selectors.

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From dejan, 05:20 Sep 20, 2011 (score=2)

Dillo has always been one of my top most favorite FLTK (based) application! Well done! :)

PS. please implement tabs ASAP. :)
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