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Article #1078: First Annual FLTK Developer Meeting 2011

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Article #1078: First Annual FLTK Developer Meeting 2011

Created at 08:55 May 28, 2011 by matt

Today we were able to hold the first FLTK developer meeting (outside of Digital Domain of course). Participants were Albrecht Schlosser, Stephan Effelsberg and myself, Matthias Melcher.

We used our time to present our current work with FLTK and collect ideas for the future of the library. Among other things, we decided on a more precise release schedule and more information exchange among core developers.

We were also trying to find a good solution for reunifying FLTK users and for cleaning and streamlining FLTK 1 and FLTK 2 into an exciting new release.

I am very happy with the results and would like to again thank Albrecht and Stephan for spending hours in the car and train, making this meeting possible.

And since this meeting was in Germany (and to make everyone jealous), we had a nice cold beer too.


  • Matthias

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From AlbrechtS, 09:40 May 29, 2011 (score=3)

Many thanks to Matt for his initiative and invitation. It was a pleasant meeting where I was able to learn a lot about FLTK's past and to discuss the potential future.
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From engelsman, 09:13 May 28, 2011 (score=3)

Well done guys! I suppose that the meeting was much more productive in real time and in your own language than disjointed forum messages. Looks like FLTK-3.x will be in the shops in time for Christmas :-)

None of you look like the images I had in my mind's eye. Any chance of a caption with who is who?



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From matt, 14:10 May 28, 2011 (score=3)

In the picture, left to right, Albrecht, Stephan, Matthias.
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From etorres, 09:28 May 28, 2011 (score=3)

Great, looking forward to seeing some fresh air... It doesn’t have much sense all those version, it is a waste of time and an obstacle for newcomers.
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