Article #1048: yareversi 1.0.2

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Article #1048: yareversi 1.0.2

Created at 05:09 Mar 04, 2011 by yuri

Yareversi is updated to v. 1.0.2. Critical bug in computer's move is fixed. [ Download | Home Page | Listing ]


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From greg.ercolano, 11:24 Jun 01, 2016 (score=3)

There was a similar game in the 70's marketed as "Othello", e.g.

If it is indeed similar, you may want to include "(aka. Othello)" in the description, both here and on your site, as it would probably get even more hits from game enthusiasts.

I used to play that game often; liked it! I'll try downloading + building yours.

Interesting that you have it running on the "PocketBook" platform; I didn't know FLTK supported it.
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