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  362What is FLTK?Apr 05, 20233  

FLTK is a LGPL'd C++ graphical user interface toolkit for X (UNIX®), Linux® (X11 and Wayland), macOS (aka OS X), OpenGL, and Windows (Microsoft® Windows® XP, 2000, and later). ...

  825What are the Versions of FLTK?Nov 20, 20213  

There is a lot of confusion, especially for people who are new to FLTK, about the different versions that are available, what they offer, and when they will be released. This article attempts to clarify matters.

  1464FLTK code repository on GithubDec 04, 20182  

Our FLTK code repository is on GitHub since Dec 01, 2018.
Subversion access has been closed at the same time.

  884What third party widgets are available for FLTK?Apr 08, 20153  

This article is an attempt to summarize third-party widgets that are available as add-ons for FLTK. I think these only apply to FLTK-1. The toolkits provide additional support classes, but only the major widgets are included here.

  364How is FLTK Licensed?Jul 21, 20060  

FLTK comes with complete free source code.  FLTK is available under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License.

  378Why Does the Escape Key Close My Window?Sep 08, 20051  

1. FLTK has a "global event handler" that makes Escape try to close the window, the same as clicking the close box.  To disable this everywhere you can install your own that pretends it wants the escape key and thus stops the default one from seeing...

  363What does "FLTK" mean? Jan 29, 20050  

FLTK was originally designed to be compatible with the Forms Library written for SGI machines.  In that library all the functions and structures started with "fl_".  This naming was extended to all new methods and widgets in the C++ library, and t...

  365Can I Use it in Commercial Software Products? Jan 29, 20050  

Yes, you can. The LGPL allows you to do this, and you do not need to release the source code to your program. You do need to release the source code for any modifications you make to FLTK itself, but we would hope you would send any improvements l...

  367How Do I Report Problems or Request Features? Jan 29, 20050  
  Use the Software Trouble Report form to submit problem reports or request features. For general usage questions, please use the FLTK newsgroups and mailing lists instead.

  368Is FLTK Year 2000 Compliant? Jan 29, 20050  

FLTK uses the underlying UNIX or Microsoft Windows time and date support for timeouts and the Fl_Clock widget.  As long as the operating system and libraries are compliant, then FLTK is year 2000 compliant.

  369How Do I Compile FLTK? Jan 29, 20050  

In most cases you can just type "make". This will run configure with  the default of no options and then compile everything.

  370How Do I Compile FLTK Under Microsoft Windows? Jan 29, 20054  

There are two ways to build FLTK under Microsoft Windows. The first is to use the Visual C++ 6.0 project files under the "visualc" directory. Just open (or double-click on) the "fltk.dsw" file to get the whole shebang, and buil...

  371Why Does FLTK Use the DLL Link Model? Jan 29, 20050  

Microsoft's fundamental problem with its three different styles (actually six) of linking libraries is exactly that: a Microsoft problem.

  372How Do I Use the FLTK DLL? Jan 29, 20050  

When compiling an application or DLL that uses the FLTK DLL, you will need to define the FL_DLL preprocessor symbol to get the correct linkage commands embedded within the FLTK header files.

  373Why Doesn't My FLTK Application Link? Jan 29, 20050  

The most common link error involves a missing select() function, which is located in the WSOCK32.LIB or WS2_32.LIB libraries.  You'll also need to link against the FLTK library (obviously), which is the F...

  374How Can I Use Anti-Aliased Fonts? Jan 29, 20050  

Configure FLTK with the --enable-xft option, e.g.:

  375Directing All Input to a Window Jan 29, 20050  

FLTK supports modal windows, which force all input to the currently visible modal window.  You can make a window modal by using the Fl_Window::set_modal() method.

  376Waiting for a Window to Close Jan 29, 20050  

The easiest way to wait for a window to close is to use the Fl_Window::shown() and Fl::wait() methods in a while loop:

  377Adding Global Keyboard Shortcuts Jan 29, 20050  

You can make the menubar shortcuts apply to all windows by using the Fl_Menu_Bar::global() method.

  379How Can I Use a Class Method as a Callback? Jan 29, 20051  

To get the this pointer for the class you can pass the pointer as the user_data argument for your callback. Typically this is then used to call a non-static method:

class MyClass {
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