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  75FLTKCallback++ 0.1.0Jun 13, 20020  

FLTKCallback++-0.1.0 is released. It supports fltk-1.1.0rc3. Unfortunately it is not compatible with FLTKCallback++-0.0.x versions because there was major design change.

  50FLTKCallback++ 0.0.2Feb 22, 20020  

FLTKCallback++ version 0.0.2 released. Only for fltk-1.0.11.

  38FLTKCallback++ 0.0.1Jan 17, 20020  


FLTKCallback++ is small package which adds more C++ in fltk callback system. It uses templates which are now full supported by leading compilers. Idea was to extend current callback system with possibility to use any kind of f...

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