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  1280Fltk for Tcl/Tk 1.0Feb 10, 20130  

TclFltk 1.0.538 released

  865Fltk for Tcl/Tk 1.0Nov 19, 20080  

Tcl/Fltk Version 1.0 released for i386, X86_64 and ARM4 platforms. This package is stable and contains extensive new features and documentation.

  219Fltk for Tcl/Tk 0.4Oct 09, 20030  

Version 0.4 of Fltk for Tcl is now released. Improvements over the previous release include additional widgets, improved documentation and migration to the current release of FLTK. The package is availabl for both windows and linux environments in so...

  47Fltk for Tcl/Tk 0.3Feb 17, 20020  

A bugfix release is now available. Included is improved documentation and a demo script that monitors weather observations for North American cities.

  34Fltk for Tcl/Tk 0.3Jan 06, 20020  

FLTK For Tcl/Tk Version 0.3 Released Tcl language bindings for FLTK Widgets. Package available for Windows and Linux RH7.x. This release is based on Fltk 1.1.0b4 and includes Flvw widgets plus other contributions.

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