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Article #1864: mrv2

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Article #1864: mrv2

Created at 01:51 May 04, 2023 by gga

Last modified at 01:08 Nov 10, 2023

mrv2 is the successor to mrViewer.  It is an open source FLTK professional video player, flipbook and review tool for the vfx, animation and computer graphics industries.

It is multiplatform, currently running on Windows 8.1 or later, Linux RedHat 8.1+, Linux Ubuntu 20.04+ LTS and macOS Intel 11.0+.

It supports OpenTimelineIO natively, OpenColorIO 2, LUTs, color corrections, grease pencil annotations, Comparison Wipes/Tiling, Python API, Stereo 3D, Environment Maps, etc.

The BSD 3 Licensed source code can be found at github:


Binaries are hosted both at github as well as in sourceforge:


Tutorial videos can be found on youtube:


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