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ID Title Last Modified Comment(s)  
  1864mrv2Nov 10, 20230  

Professional video player, flipbook and review tool for vfx, animation and computer graphics.

  1656mrViewerJul 11, 20190  

mrViewer is an HDRI image viewer, flipbook and audio-video player for professional 3D, VFX and animation.

  1361Fl_MIDIKeyboardApr 20, 20140  

A MIDI Keyboard widget using FLTK

  1293Basic bindings for FLTK to SquiLu scripting language.Feb 20, 20130  

SquiLu (http://code.google.com/p/squilu/) is a fork of Squirrel scripting language with a C like syntax there is a basic binding of FLTK 1.3.x and an application server with a GUI interface made with the FLTK binding.

  1147Torapp Guilloche DesignerDec 14, 20125  

Torapp Guilloche Designer is a vector editor for security printing, designed with fltk2 and runs inside Chrome 16 and above.

  449FLTK-UTF8 1.1.6-1 releasedOct 22, 20102  

The UTF-8 patch has been updated.

  898Using the Anti-Grain Light 2D rendering engine with FLTKApr 06, 20090  

Describes simple use of the AGG light engine from FLTK

  896Gled-1.3.0 releasedApr 01, 20090  

After almost two years of neglect and two years of new development, Gled is swinging back to life - trying to go ballistic this time.

  550FLTK "Cheat Page"Dec 31, 20053  

A collection of small FLTK example programs showing how to use various base FLTK widgets in interesting ways. In most cases, emphasis is on short, concise examples (usually a page or less of code) that are

  446FLTK Callbacks RecastMay 17, 20052  

Objects should have a clean, simple interface with the rest of the program. It's easy to make a mess of this when hooking into a GUI, so this article explores some ways to avoid that.


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