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The FLTK Applications will provide many of the basic tools needed for a desktop system - window manager, text editor/word processor, spreadsheet, image viewer, calculator, etc. - as well as development tools like FLUID.

This subproject is just getting underway and currently consists of several existing FLTK-based applications and projects. If you would like to contribute to the development of this subproject, please post a message to the fltk.coredev group.

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Recent FLTK Applications News


01:08 Nov 10, 2023 by gga, 0 comments

Professional video player, flipbook and review tool for vfx, animation and computer graphics. [ Read ]


16:58 Jul 11, 2019 by ggarra13, 0 comments

mrViewer is an HDRI image viewer, flipbook and audio-video player for professional 3D, VFX and animation. [ Read ]


23:06 Apr 20, 2014 by ncassetta, 0 comments

A MIDI Keyboard widget using FLTK [ Read ]


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