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Name:Post OfficePopularity:13%
Author:Pim van RiezenEMail:pi
Home Page: (2869 visits)
Download: (3485 visits)

A multithreaded multi-protocol email and usenet client with a very flexible GUI and backend.


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From lm, 12:36 Apr 28, 2008 (score=3)

The links are bad for this.  You can find a working link to a backup at another site listed on this page:
Sounds like a nice program, but was unable to get it to compile with fltk 1.1.8 out of the box.  If anyone else gets it to build, please post what changes were necessary to get it to do so.  Thanks.

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From lm, 15:07 Apr 25, 2014 (score=4)

I finally got it to build with FLTK 1.3.2.  It needs fl_editor and toggletree.  It also uses gdbm as a dependency but I substituted qdbm when I built it.  It appears buggy but has a really nice interface.  Could be a useful cross-platform e-mail client if it was debugged.  If anyone else is interested in source/build scripts, post and ask for them.
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