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Source Code

Developing new FLTK applications? Use 1.3.4, the first entry in the table below. The top entry will always be the latest stable release.

Only old software should use 1.1.10, and only very old software uses 1.0.11. These older releases are end of life, and may not even compile on new platforms. Try to use 1.3; many older apps can use it with little or no change.

For more about fltk releases and development, see this article on fltk releases and the fltk roadmap.

- - -   Public Releases   - - -
Version Filename Size MD5 Sum
  1.3.4 fltk-1.3.4-2-source.tar.gz5158kb8e291343357e49dd81a22408744e400  
  1.3.3 fltk-1.3.3-source.tar.gz4870k9ccdb0d19dc104b87179bd9fd10822e3  
  1.3.2 fltk-1.3.2-source.tar.gz4162k9f7e707d4fb7a5a76f0f9b73ff70623d  
  1.3.1 fltk-1.3.1-source.tar.gz4158kb5b84ed63751ab3f76aa8d36cccf59e7  
  1.3.0 fltk-1.3.0-source.tar.gz4015k44d5d7ba06afdd36ea17da6b4b703ca3  
  1.1.10 fltk-1.1.10-source.tar.gz2606ke6378a76ca1ef073bcb092df1ef3ba55  
  1.0.11 fltk-1.0.11-source.tar.gz1125k4c4b7ade9fc3273496b6f1fe049c9796  
  - - -   Development Use   - - -  
  Version Filename Size MD5 Sum  
  1.4.x-r12639 fltk-1.4.x-r12639.tar.bz24803kccae80da4bdffd951e3cc4e5f4f1dcc4  

Subversion Access

The FLTK software is available to the public via Subversion.
The current active development branch is FLTK-1.4, and the latest stable version is FLTK 1.3.
These can be checked out of Subversion using the following command:

    1.3.x: svn co fltk-1.3
    1.4.x: svn co fltk-1.4
..or browsed with this URL:

NOTE: If prompted for a username/password, just hit ENTER for both.

Due to the easysw server crash Apr 22 2013, if your svn commands are now hanging because svn is trying to access the old easysw server, use this fix provided by Albrecht which shows how to rewrite the svn URL after the move to

For further explanation about the different versions of FLTK, see the article 'What are the Versions of FLTK?'.

Developers with write access must use https instead of http to commit changes. For more information on using Subversion, see the Subversion Quick-Start Guide page.

Older Abandoned Versions

NOTE: Dev snapshots of 2.x and 3.x have been disabled; use svn to access them.

The fltk developers voted to disable snapshots of 2.x and 3.x because app developers were still using them for production software, despite warnings, which is bad. Only the active release stream (1.3.x) has development snapshots now, to avoid confusion.

The previous experimental and now inactive branch is FLTK-2.0. If you really need access, you can check this out using:

    svn co fltk-2.0
..or browse with this URL:

Another previous experimental and now inactive development branch is FLTK-3.0. It is in pre-alpha stage, but is currently dormant and should not be used. If you really need access, you can check this out using:

    svn co fltk-3.0
..or browse with this URL:


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