fltk/filename.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Some functions to manipulate filenames, to make portable programs.


namespace  fltk


typedef int( fltk::File_Sort_F )(const dirent *const *, const dirent *const *)


int fltk::alphasort (const dirent *const *, const dirent *const *)
int fltk::casealphasort (const dirent *const *, const dirent *const *)
int fltk::casenumericsort (const dirent *const *, const dirent *const *)
int fltk::filename_absolute (char *to, int tolen, const char *from, const char *cwd=0)
bool fltk::filename_exist (const char *)
char * fltk::filename_ext (char *a)
const char * fltk::filename_ext (const char *)
bool fltk::filename_isdir (const char *)
int fltk::filename_list (const char *d, dirent ***list)
int fltk::filename_list (const char *d, dirent ***list, File_Sort_F *sort)
bool fltk::filename_match (const char *, const char *pattern)
long int fltk::filename_mtime (const char *)
char * fltk::filename_name (char *a)
const char * fltk::filename_name (const char *)
int fltk::filename_relative (char *to, int tolen, const char *from, const char *cwd=0)
FL_FILESIZE_T fltk::filename_size (const char *)
int fltk::numericsort (const dirent *const *, const dirent *const *)

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