FLTK 1.3.4
Fl_GIF_Image Member List

This is the complete list of members for Fl_GIF_Image, including all inherited members.

alloc_data (defined in Fl_Pixmap)Fl_Pixmap
color_average(Fl_Color c, float i)Fl_Pixmapvirtual
copy(int W, int H)Fl_Pixmapvirtual
copy() (defined in Fl_Pixmap)Fl_Pixmapinline
count() const Fl_Imageinline
d(int D)Fl_Imageinlineprotected
d() const Fl_Imageinline
data(const char *const *p, int c)Fl_Imageinlineprotected
data() const Fl_Imageinline
draw(int X, int Y, int W, int H, int cx=0, int cy=0)Fl_Pixmapvirtual
draw(int X, int Y) (defined in Fl_Pixmap)Fl_Pixmapinline
draw_empty(int X, int Y)Fl_Imageprotected
ERR_FILE_ACCESS (defined in Fl_Image)Fl_Imagestatic
ERR_FORMAT (defined in Fl_Image)Fl_Imagestatic
ERR_NO_IMAGE (defined in Fl_Image)Fl_Imagestatic
Fl_GIF_Image(const char *filename)Fl_GIF_Image
Fl_Image(int W, int H, int D)Fl_Image
Fl_Pixmap(char *const *D)Fl_Pixmapinlineexplicit
Fl_Pixmap(uchar *const *D)Fl_Pixmapinlineexplicit
Fl_Pixmap(const char *const *D)Fl_Pixmapinlineexplicit
Fl_Pixmap(const uchar *const *D)Fl_Pixmapinlineexplicit
h(int H)Fl_Imageinlineprotected
h() const Fl_Imageinline
label(Fl_Widget *w)Fl_Pixmapvirtual
label(Fl_Menu_Item *m)Fl_Pixmapvirtual
labeltype(const Fl_Label *lo, int lx, int ly, int lw, int lh, Fl_Align la) (defined in Fl_Image)Fl_Imageprotectedstatic
ld(int LD)Fl_Imageinlineprotected
ld() const Fl_Imageinline
measure() (defined in Fl_Pixmap)Fl_Pixmapprotected
measure(const Fl_Label *lo, int &lw, int &lh) (defined in Fl_Image)Fl_Imageprotectedstatic
w(int W)Fl_Imageinlineprotected
w() const Fl_Imageinline