FLTK 1.3.4
1 //
2 // "$Id: Fl_Value_Input.H 8864 2011-07-19 04:49:30Z greg.ercolano $"
3 //
4 // Value input header file for the Fast Light Tool Kit (FLTK).
5 //
6 // Copyright 1998-2010 by Bill Spitzak and others.
7 //
8 // This library is free software. Distribution and use rights are outlined in
9 // the file "COPYING" which should have been included with this file. If this
10 // file is missing or damaged, see the license at:
11 //
12 // http://www.fltk.org/COPYING.php
13 //
14 // Please report all bugs and problems on the following page:
15 //
16 // http://www.fltk.org/str.php
17 //
19 /* \file
20  Fl_Value_Input widget . */
22 #ifndef Fl_Value_Input_H
23 #define Fl_Value_Input_H
25 #include "Fl_Valuator.H"
26 #include "Fl_Input.H"
56 class FL_EXPORT Fl_Value_Input : public Fl_Valuator {
57 public:
58  /* This is the encapsulated Fl_input attribute to which
59  this class delegates the value font, color and shortcut */
60  Fl_Input input;
61 private:
62  char soft_;
63  static void input_cb(Fl_Widget*,void*);
64  virtual void value_damage(); // cause damage() due to value() changing
65 public:
66  int handle(int);
67 protected:
68  void draw();
69 public:
70  void resize(int,int,int,int);
71  Fl_Value_Input(int x,int y,int w,int h,const char *l=0);
72  ~Fl_Value_Input();
75  void soft(char s) {soft_ = s;}
82  char soft() const {return soft_;}
87  int shortcut() const {return input.shortcut();}
105  void shortcut(int s) {input.shortcut(s);}
108  Fl_Font textfont() const {return input.textfont();}
110  void textfont(Fl_Font s) {input.textfont(s);}
112  Fl_Fontsize textsize() const {return input.textsize();}
114  void textsize(Fl_Fontsize s) {input.textsize(s);}
116  Fl_Color textcolor() const {return input.textcolor();}
118  void textcolor(Fl_Color n) {input.textcolor(n);}
120  Fl_Color cursor_color() const {return input.cursor_color();}
122  void cursor_color(Fl_Color n) {input.cursor_color(n);}
124 };
126 #endif
128 //
129 // End of "$Id: Fl_Value_Input.H 8864 2011-07-19 04:49:30Z greg.ercolano $".
130 //
Fl_Widget is the base class for all widgets in FLTK.
Definition: Fl_Widget.H:101
The Fl_Valuator class controls a single floating-point value and provides a consistent interface to s...
Definition: Fl_Valuator.H:49
The Fl_Value_Input widget displays a numeric value.
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:56
virtual int handle(int event)
Handles the specified event.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:112
void textsize(Fl_Fontsize s)
Sets the size of the text in the value box.
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:114
void soft(char s)
See void Fl_Value_Input::soft(char s)
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:75
char soft() const
If "soft" is turned on, the user is allowed to drag the value outside the range.
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:82
virtual void draw()=0
Draws the widget.
This is the FLTK text input widget.
Definition: Fl_Input.H:221
virtual void resize(int x, int y, int w, int h)
Changes the size or position of the widget.
Definition: Fl_Widget.cxx:150
void textfont(Fl_Font s)
Sets the typeface of the text in the value box.
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:110
Fl_Color cursor_color() const
Gets the color of the text cursor.
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:120
int Fl_Fontsize
Size of a font in pixels.
Definition: Enumerations.H:906
Fl_Fontsize textsize() const
Gets the size of the text in the value box.
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:112
int shortcut() const
Returns the current shortcut key for the Input.
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:87
unsigned int Fl_Color
An FLTK color value; see also Colors.
Definition: Enumerations.H:934
int Fl_Font
A font number is an index into the internal font table.
Definition: Enumerations.H:877
void cursor_color(Fl_Color n)
Sets the color of the text cursor.
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:122
virtual void value_damage()
Asks for partial redraw.
Definition: Fl_Valuator.cxx:70
void textcolor(Fl_Color n)
Sets the color of the text in the value box.
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:118
Fl_Color textcolor() const
Gets the color of the text in the value box.
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:116
void shortcut(int s)
Sets the shortcut key to s.
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:105
Fl_Font textfont() const
Gets the typeface of the text in the value box.
Definition: Fl_Value_Input.H:108